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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wise Words On Wednesday

Wednesdays are supposed to be wordless but I love to break the rules.
This quote is just too good not to share. So enjoy every minute. You’ll be glad you did.
Till next time …
xx Loree xx


  1. It's a great quote. At times things can take away from our present, but if we work hard enough, we can erase those little time robbers. Have a great day, Loree ~ xox Alexandra

  2. thats a superb way to live life ...
    one day at a time

  3. It is a wonderful quote to read this morning, and to remember!

  4. I agree, that quote is too good not to share. I'm glad you did! Enjoy your day. :)

  5. yes - to remember that every moment is a gift... not always easy to do. thanks for the reminder...

  6. Fab-U-Lous...thanks Loree for this wise word sparkle!!

  7. This quote is perfect for me right now. My husband is looking at a new job position. My daughter is in her senior year of hs. I am not thrilled with Houston, TX right now. I keep focusing on the impending changes. I have working really hard to enjoy the beginning to end of each day. Your quote certainly reinforces that! Thank you.

  8. Yes, dear Loree. The week is going really well. I'm at home today, but still have online work to do in a little while. Then...give a big dog a big bath. :) xox Alexandra

  9. Yes, so true :). Love the quote Loree :)


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