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Monday, 22 August 2011

Blissful Serenity

It’s August. It’s hot. And the humidity is reaching unbearable  levels. Escaping to the beach is the wisest thing to do. But it gets so crowded at this time of year, tourists and locals everywhere, and our beaches are so small.
A Day At Gnejna (6)
There are days when peace and quiet are essential for my sanity. So that’s when it’s important to walk that extra mile, climb over those obstructing rocks, make that extra effort – to escape the noise and the chatter and to find a blissful pocket of serenity. Then to let the lapping water soothe the senses while drinking in the silence.
A Day At Gnejna (14)
Such are the small pleasures of a Mediterranean summer. While some welcome the thronging crowds with open arms, I always choose to escape.  To calm the senses, recharge the batteries and revive the soul.
A Day At Gnejna (13)
Till next time
xx Loree xx


  1. Humidity is killing me but still, I love the heat!

    Beautiful beautiful pictures :-)))

  2. Wow Loree..these beautiful sceneries are jaw-dropping gorgeousness!! The first photo is simply awe-inspiring to me..woah!! Thanks for adding magic to my day and your wonderful writing as always! So mega-beautiful!! You lucky gal!!

  3. sounds relaxing. i, too, prefer the quiet than dealing with chatter and the crowd. those photos are beautiful.

  4. You have the chance to live in a beautiful place where tourists have to go to find at least good weather.
    I love those places too and they can be everywhere.

  5. i like the water's varying hues of blue.

  6. I'm with you ~ seek the quiet, kinder, more gentle places to nurture your body and mind. Have a lovely day, dear Loree ~ xox Alexandra

  7. I've lately wishing to find a beautiful serenity spot to escape the chatting in my mind. I'm with you about quietness and recharge.

    Gorgeous pictures, Loree!

  8. yes, i need quiet places, too... and this one is beautiful.

  9. I would give anything to be at this place right now.

  10. Our summer has been even more humid han usual, but this week we're finally seeing cooler weather. At least you have beautiful secluded beach areas to escape to Loree.

  11. Like you we have the heat and tourists, Loree. I love to hide in the coves and embrace the peace. Enjoy your summer. :)

  12. Beautiful pictures and posting. I too love the serene and quiet spaces. In order to avoid the crowds we go swimming early and by 11am we head back home : ) Nice to know you're enjoying your summer!


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