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Thursday, 4 August 2011

This Week

… things came to a head. I felt like I needed to escape the drudgery of the  whole work, home, cook, blog, sleep schedule. The weeks are whizzing by in a blur. With a full time job, I trudge along my daily schedule – usually, in my case, grudgingly. Every year I yearn for special memories and for little adventures to share with the Mischief Maker. And, invariably, every year routine and my own over-inflated sense of guilt stops me from having those fun moments – because I need to cook; because I need to clean … So this week I’ve decided that what’s left of summer if going to be fun. With a capital F. For us as a family and for each of us as individuals.
*I have made the time to immerse myself in a couple of books again and am currently reading Sybil by Flora Rheta Schreiber and Tolkien –A Biography by Michael White. Both books are interesting, with Sybil being very thought-provoking and, of course, no die-hard Lord Of The Rings fan like me can miss an opportunity of learning more about the author of such a well-loved book.
*Everyday I am setting a few minutes aside to pin photos to my virtual pin-boards. I have written about Pinterest here and I am finding it to be a great place not only to find some wonderful images but also to introduce me to new blogs that I would not otherwise have found.
*I have discovered that the world of blogs is a strange place and we forge friendships with people all over the globe. When someone blogs regularly and then drops off the horizon, there is always the question in my mind as to what may have happened to my virtual friend. This week I was happy to find out that Carmen Alexandra (formerly of Coco Coterie) is now blogging at The Little Dog Laughs. I am so glad that Alexandra is back. Her writing is delightful and the photos she posts make me dream of girly things.
*Yesterday I went out for supper to Lo Squero restaurant with some ex-colleagues from work. The venue was excellent since the restaurant commands an unobstructed view of Marsamxett Harbour. Quite a magical setting, wouldn’t you say?
Lo Squero (8)
Lo Squero (1)Lo Squero (3)
*Tomorrow evening, one of my childhood school friends has invited a group of us over for a pool party. It should be fun and I am sure giggles will abound. After all, no matter how old we get, we’re all still girls at heart.
*Saturday morning and early afternoon will be spent at the beach with my family and my parents. Looking forward to a super- relaxing time and lots of fun and laughter with the Mischief Maker.
*And in between all these little events, I have managed to fit in some craft activities with my son, a spot of healthy cooking since my husband (who will be referred to from now on as The American) is on a diet and a search for a new washing machine. Mine broke down last Sunday amidst loud groans of disapproval after 8 years of hard labour. In the meantime, I’ve seriously neglected house-cleaning. But who cares? Life is about making memories not collecting dust isn’t it?


  1. Well I hope you will have a nice time with family and friends, enjoy and play as much as you can with your little mischief maker remember he will be little only once... kids grow up real fast.

  2. Good for you, dear Loree ~ I can remember getting caught in that same domestic vortex when my children were young. I always tried to remember dust is not mold; thus, housework can wait. Your weekend agenda sounds lovely. I think we'll be taking a day trip to Roanoke tomorrow to meander some shops and eat. :)
    xox Alexandra

  3. It is so hard to keep it all together, I agree. I've had the same feelings that life is one day of drudgery to the next. We homeschool so the days can often seem so long and full of endless studies. You'll be surprised though, as Mischief Maker gets older, he'll mention special times at home that will surprise you. My kids mention little happenings that are important to them that didn't even register with me while they were growing up. Silly sayings or small food treats we made (none of my gourmet endeavors) seem to be their fondest memories. Just'll be delighted by what makes memories for him!

  4. Aah, go on Loree, have fun, neglecting those household chores, and dust! They won't clean themselves and will be there waiting..

    I'm already dreaded the end of summer when the kids are back in school, and we no longer have lazy hours to lounge about!

  5. leave the household stuff for much.much later! ;)
    enjoy life more my friend!

  6. I have gone through this too. full time job, household, kid, etc. Now looking back I admire myself how I managed all that ?? Now I am already tired when I have to put a plate in the microwave, lol ! Enjoy your free time and take it ! A blogfriend has named her blog : The Dust can wait" ! I think she is right !
    BTW I met Janice from Jabblog in Oxford, we had a great time. I only knew her from blogging.

  7. i'm glad you're taking time for some fun and relaxation in the midst of the necessary tasks of living... and i would choose a good book over dusting any day :)

    (thanks for your lovely comments on my blog while i was at the beach. )

  8. you just coined my new motto: life is about making memories, not collecting dust. you are the malta oracle ;-)


  9. Hi Loree, it is so wonderful to be again here and to read your blog. Thank you so much for not forgetting me, even if I was so apart for such a long time. All the best to you!

  10. Hi Loree...your life is full! I enjoyed reading this post as I share many of the same thoughts. With all my travels I had to put blogging to the side but found it increasing hard to do so. WIth each passing day and comment coming in I thought of all the ones I missed. I am sneaking a iittle blogging in between my morning coffee and wanted to be sure and say hello and thank you for your comments. :)

    Like you I have books stacked by my bedside with a determined interest to get back into it again...blogging is a trade off at times.

    I hope you enjoy your time with friends and family...good luck with the reading!

    jeanne xxx

  11. Have fun, Loree. Life is too short to ignore fun. Have a wonderful time with your family and relax.

  12. I went right out and got that cut the next day. Once I showed the pic to my husband, and he told me he thought it was sexy and to go for it, that was all it took. Though, I probably would have anyway. :) Have a great day, Loree ~ xox Alexandra

  13. Hi, honey bunny ~ Hope you are continuing to enjoy your down time and all the lovely tastes, sounds, and textures it can possibly bring to make it simply wonderful ~ xox Alexandra

  14. Way to go Loree! I agree with your thoughts! I had given up taking too much notice of the dust and taken more notice of my children while they were growing too! The time goes by too fast and making memories is more important : ) Now that they are grown up, they surprise me with great recollections of what we used to do together and thank God we're still making memories while the dust bunnies smile : )
    Have loads of fun with your family and friends!

  15. I am planning on stopping by the bookstore Sunday morning, so thanks for the recommendations :-)


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