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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Beginnings. Endings. Transitions.

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As the wheel of life turns so it brings with it endings and new beginnings.
Endings. Summer. A season in its death throes.
Beginnings. Autumn. Still mysterious, still waiting in the shadows, with its promise of crisp morning air, soft pink sunsets and steaming mugs of thick, hot chocolate.
Transitions.  Lazy summer days slowly merging into the more hectic pace of autumn and winter. 
Beginnings. Endings. Transitions.
Endings. A thistle – dry and dead; at its heart the beginnings of new life.
Bahrija (10)
Beginnings. Rain. Fat droplets of cooling rain that made the hot ground sizzle and sing as it quenched a summer-long thirst.
Transitions. From the frills, flounces and pretty pastel clothes of summer to the darker, more sombre hues of autumn and winter.
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Endings. Silence. The cicadas and crickets have ceased their song. Our days and nights now echo to the silent whisper of summer memories.
So it goes on … The death of one moment gives birth to the next. The wheel of life. Turning. Never flagging. Never stopping. Not for a minute. Or for an hour. Or for a season. Beginnings. Endings.
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  1. Beautifully symbolic post..loved it, powerful imagery throughout...and of course always poetic and gorgeous my friend!!!Wishing you many new adventures ..

  2. Beautiful thoughts, so true, so well versed.
    Thanks Loree for welcoming Fall in such an imaginative way : )

  3. Loree, this post came at a meaningful moment for me. I soaked up your words. I am so, so glad I started following this lovely blog.

  4. Fantastic post, Loree! Autumn sure is coming fast here in my area, leaves are changing colors, morning and evening are cooler.

  5. That sounds rather malancolic ! I don't like autumn at all, winter is so so, but I really wake up again in spring, my favorite season !

  6. Beautiful words Loree and so appropriate for me at the moment as Summer is turning into Autumn and a new phase of my life is about to begin x x

  7. Loree,

    A viscous circle which everyone pass by but the essence is later cherished. Nice Read.

    God Bless

  8. the cicadas are still singing here... it will be awhile yet before they are silent. (i can't wait for mid-october, our first chance for cooler weather!)


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