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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Busy Days

I wish I could say that summer’s end has brought with it a sense of tranquillity. But it hasn’t. Instead it’s been a time of frenzied activity, of tying loose ends, of organising a last couple of BBQs, of preparing for a change of pace. The Mischief Maker will start primary school in 2 weeks. It will be a new school, a new uniform, new friends … a new beginning. I think I am more nervous than he is.
Last week, a public holiday and a much-needed break from work (where it is also very hectic right now) were the perfect excuse to visit once again the small but spectacular doline called Il-Maqluba that I have written about on my other blog here.
Steven and Cristina 027
Temperatures here remain very warm and, if it were not for the occasional cloud and the shorter daylight hours, you  would be forgiven for thinking that that summer was on its way in instead of its way out.
But although autumn seems as elusive as ever, I  am longing for windy days and chilly nights, for sweaters, scarves and boots …
Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

The cooler days may still take a while to make it to our shores but that does not mean I have been idle – a search for a new pair of riding boots is definitely in the cards. And since the weather wants to hold on to summer for a bit longer, who knows, I might even manage one last, invigorating swim.


  1. Lovely! and that beautiful scenery..nature is so inspiring..great for me! yes the change in the season brings new things and a new pace..a magical time..those boots look fab!
    Have a beautiful evening!
    PS; cool about the shy gecko..awwww!

  2. Your blog changes are lovel, Loree. I'm looking forward to chilly weather too, along with sweaters and and warm woolen things!

  3. i love that look. but due to the tropical weather here in the Philippines, boots, jeans and sweaters can really get uncomfortable.

    i hope you get that summer's last invigorating swim, loree.

  4. That was an awfully sweet post. :)

  5. At least you can say "summer's end" we didn't even have a summer this year and it's cold ! No question of BBQs ! Today it will be "hot" 18° !!

  6. I will take your warm weather for you! Our weather has turned chilly in early morning and evening accommodating with rain. Not fun at all!


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