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Monday, 5 September 2011

Ten Things

Last week I was tagged by Suze and Amanda. Thanks girls. I will be starting with Suze’s tag – revealing ten things about myself. So here they are, in no particular order:
10. After I married The American we lived in St Louis (Missouri) for a year. I was pretty homesick but what I missed most was that blue ribbon on the horizon that you can see from any town or village here. I don’t think I can live anywhere that is too far from the sea.
USA 555
Downtown St Louis and Gateway Arch
9. We got married in Malta in a church called Our Lady of Jesus in my hometown of Rabat. Its foundation stone was laid in 1492 – quite appropriate, I thought, since 1492 was the year Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas.
8. When I took my pregnancy test and the result was positive, I closed my eyes and, for a split second, I saw a baby boy with lots of dark brown hair and big brown eyes. Nine months later he was born. It was the only time during my pregnancy that something like that happened.
7. I love to travel and I love European history. If I can do both on the same trip, then it’s total bliss.
Paris - Lorna's Day 2 (38)
The Louvre
6. I am more of a country girl than a city girl. I love the wide open spaces of North America.
5. Visiting all of the 50 states is on my bucket list. Up to now I have been to Utah, Missouri, Illinois, Nevada and Arizona. I have a ways to go still.
4. My favourite perfume is Miracle by Lancome. It is my ‘going  out’ perfume and I have used  it for the past 8 years. For everyday, I change constantly. As soon as I go through one scent I buy a different one. Right now I am thinking of getting this one.
3. My favourite place in the world is probably Rome. I love everything about it: the history, the food, the temperament, the architecture …
2. I love chocolate especially when it is dark and bitter. I am always on the look-out for a new chocolate dessert to make. I think I will try this cake for an upcoming BBQ we have next weekend.
1. Every September I desperately long for rain. When it does come, I love the smell of the clean, wet earth. Hopefully it will come our way soon.
Rainy Sunday (5)
A Rainy Day Last Spring
This is going to be a short work week for me. Thursday is a public holiday and I am taking Friday off. So  a lovely long weekend looms on the horizon. I wish you all a great week.
Thanks Suze for the tag (you may find Suze at Girl Wizard). Now it’s my turn to tag the following ladies:
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  1. Wow! I love number eight! That is so beautiful.

    I'm glad I began following this blog, too, or I would have missed this post. :)

  2. That's nice to know a little more about you ! but still I don't know how you landed again in Malta ! Is your American working there now ?
    I have done this meme years ago, I'll try to find the link and give it to you. Thanks that you thought about me. I live in Belgium since my 14th my father was one of the first to work for the "Commun Market" now European Union. Before I lived in Germany. My husband is Italian as you know and we are married for 42 years. I have always lived in Brussels, and since 1975 I live in Waterloo, which belongs to Brussels. I am retired and have always worked as sales assistant in American Companies because of my German, French, English and Italian.

  3. I like your number 3 because that is what I think of Rome, but haven't been there..yet!

    Your number 8 is quite fascinating..

  4. It's nice to get to know a little bit more about you Loree...I also enjoyed the pictures : )

  5. that was a nice list - i liked getting to know you a bit better :)

    i long for rain after dry seasons, as well (although lately we've been having our fair share of rain!)

    hope you have a lovely holiday!

    p.s. thanks for "tagging" me - if i can think of 10 interesting things at once, maybe i'll play ;)

  6. i loved reading this and learning more about you, loree. and we are totally in agreement with number 2 on your list! my daughter recently told me that even she - dark chocolate lover that she is - can't follow me to the 85% mark on the cacao scale!

    thanks for the tag - are there any specific instructions before i 'play'?

  7. I love reading snippets like this. My husband was born in St. Louis, MO. Now you should write and tell us about how the 2 of you met and ended up in Malta!

  8. Fun post! I'm going to try that chocolate cola cake recipe. :D

  9. i love your list. great to know more about you :)

  10. Beautiful post Loree..and such fun and so wonderful to read! Yay..I love dark chocolate too and the rain rain is magical!
    Lovely post! and great links..some of them i know some are new to me..
    Have a sparkling week


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