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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Last Hour Before Sunset

I love it, the last hour before sunset. I love how the setting sun embraces the world in a golden glow. I love the quality of the light and its ability to create the extraordinary out of the ordinary. It is a magical hour, the last hour of sunlight, a serendipitous moment in time.
Fontanella 013 copy
It’s my favourite hour, the hour before sunset, the hour that brings with it the promise of rest. I turn my face to bask in its beauty, lulled by its warmth, suffused in its light.


  1. The last hour before sunset is my favorite part of the day too :-)

  2. Such a magical time..and you have captured it beautifully!! Gorgeous !!

  3. Oh Loree, reading your words I feel so relaxed, and ready for a rest.

    That's a beautiful shot!

  4. that gap between day and night is truly a sacred hour - you captured it well with your words. (not surprising either that it's the time of day often favored by photographers!)

  5. Sunsets have always made me feel a little lonely, for some reason.

    I like the sunrise but I also like the dusk.

    Your architecture photographs are just stunning, Loree.

  6. You've captured the last hour before sunset so beautifully in picture and words, thanks Loree for the lovely added feeling...I love that hour too : )

  7. It seems we all love that particular time of the day... it is my favorite too apart from dawn.
    These hours offer wonderful photographic opportunities.

  8. In total agreement ~ xox Alexandra


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