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Monday, 5 April 2010

Ruby Tuesday: The Candle's Glow

Just a candle in a lonely nook ...

A feeble light

In the encroaching darkness -

 Offering hope,

As it glows through the night.

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  1. It does cast a warm glow in the cold gray of the nook.

  2. Beautiful words and image. I love the contrasts of warm and cool, light and dark, rough and smooth.

  3. So beautiful Loree!! Gorgeous..peaceful and mysterious!! Awesome post!

  4. In a shallow niche,
    a single candle’s glowing
    beckons me to joy.

    The Other Way (my Ruby Tuesday)

  5. I love it. So beautiful and very relevant to the Easter Season. We need more lovely things offering hope in this world.

  6. Lovely! A perfect place for a warm candle.

  7. I love this post. Happy RT!

    I played too. Mine is here.

  8. Wonderful photo Loree! Love the contrast between the black & white and the added pop of color from the candle and warmth of it.

  9. Beautiful poetry. Looks like maybe a grotto in a church or mission?

    Won't you visit my Ruby Tuesday? I'd love to have your company today.

  10. That's beautiful, Loree..both photo and words..but I also see a face in the back wall with two eyes..

  11. I knew of wordless wednesday but not ruby tuesday photography... very interesting!
    Nice words and photo.

  12. A beautiful image and beautiful poetry to match!

    Thanks for you visit. :)

  13. Beautiful, wonderful post.

  14. Love the glow! Great pic and words, inspiring!

  15. Howdy Loree
    Oh wow ,you'll never know how much I truly appreciate your post.
    My Mom is back in the hospital again.
    It has been a really long month.
    so my blogging has been off ,but for some reason you have been loyal to visit .
    Thank you so very much .
    Todays post really helped lift my spirits :)
    You have such a way of seeing true beauty .
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    Big hugs from Texas
    Happy Trails

  16. Just wanted to say Hi. Thank you for always visiting my blog. I really appreciate your comments. I'm sad when you go a long time between posts, but I know your busy. Have a good day.


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