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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Of Bulbs and Flowers

"I will be the gladdest thing under the sun!
I will touch a hundred flowers
And not pick one."
Edna St. Vincent Millay
First Anemone (3)
I do not think there is a quote which sums me up more than the one above at this time of year. Because flowers make me so happy … and yet, I am loathe to pick the flowers from our garden to add brightness and cheer to our home . I feel I would somehow be denuding the  garden and making it less lovely. Perhaps it’s because flowers do not last very long here. As the days pass they are drying and fading, retreating back into the ground.
Flowers (1)
Flowers in our garden (3)
Most of the flowers in our yard grow from bulbs. I find bulbs easy to grow, even for someone with not so green thumbs and weather which can be quite harsh. And every spring it amazes me that such beauty can emerge from those brown, wrinkly, dry-looking things we call bulbs.
Flowers (2)
Flowers (5)
Flowers II (4)
Indeed, to my untrained eye, one bulb is very similar to another. And yet, when the flowers emerge, they are so different, so gorgeous, each in its own way. Because flowers are nature’s miracle enclosed in a bulb; a little secret nurtured at the heart of each bulb, born of rain and warm spring sun.
Flowers II (3)
Flowers II (7)
More Spring Flowers (4)
Spring flowers (2)
I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.  ~Ruth Stout
More Spring Flowers (2)
Spring flowers (3)


  1. Gorgeous..beautiful inspiring post are such a spellcaster!! yay..I am dazzled by all these beauties..such a color-rush...and I especially love the last one! Brilliant read..just what I needed..I feel uplifted and awake with nature! Have a wonderul day!

  2. What a fantastic bouquet of colour!

  3. Beautiful flowers, Loree!
    Great pictures!
    I love flowers ... wish I had a garden but I only have terraces in my apartment and I can't keep plants because our cat would ruin them.
    Fantastic post!

  4. So pretty...I loved the last one the best.

  5. Gorgeous flowers! I feel inspired to try growing some bulbs next spring. :)

  6. You've inspired metoo, Loree, I need to plant more bulbs...Your flowers are beautiful!

  7. Beautiful flowers - I love all the vibrant colors. I'm like you - I don't like to pick them. I just want to look at them and enjoy. I feel happy when I see them. My 2yo on the other hand must possess them so unfortunately my tulips have suffered. We planted tulip bulbs on my dogs grave on our Thanksgiving Day and their up and I'm so glad we planted them to honor her.

  8. Oh and I love your previous post The Long Way Home - so beautiful and inspiring.

  9. Loree, these are magnificent! I love arum lilies. I've got some too, but they're hard to keep alive in the dry season as they love water and damp soil.
    This is a splendid collection.

  10. Thanks for such an uplifting and inspiring post you I don't like to pick flowers for as you said here they die so fast.
    Beautiful photos!

  11. Beautiful. I love the secret of bulbed flowers at a new house. Both times we've moved... we've discovered flowers in the spring. It's a wonderful surprise.

  12. Beautiful flowers Loree! I have no green thumbs so I count on my luck when it come to planting flowers.

  13. Hi Loree - so sorry about your washing machine. Hope you get it figured out soon. I think my washing machine is about to die, but I don't think my clothes would be stuck - how did that happen anyway?
    Also I need a new dishwasher - I'll pay them $10 an hour - interested? Just kidding - I really do need a new dishwasher - only the bottom spray works. Oh - who new adult life would be like this.


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