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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Journey

Life’s a journey, not a destination (from the ballad “Amazing” by Aerosmith).
And I couldn’t agree more except that our life it a series of journeys, with stops and starts, ups and downs.
With straight paths. USA 698
And bends in the road.
USA 724
With diversions.
USA 723
And with paths which intersect those of others.
USA 725
Life is a journey into a mystery – an adventure that unfolds slowly every single day.
USA 722   
This post was inspired by the train tracks at the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Train Museum,


  1. Awesome!
    Deep thoughts and wonderful pictures!

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  3. Very profound, I thought I was reading my own profile for a moment, J
    sorry I messed up the previous comment

  4. Gorgeous Loree...I loved being taken on a magical path of all twists and turns..the photo imagery with your words was enchanting and poetry in it!!
    yes a mystery and an adventure..that is the magical dance within the journey!! we all have our own unique and special dance along the is magic!

  5. Such a beautiful post Loree.

  6. So nicely done, Loree. I like the Bend in the Road photo...never know what's around that bend! The rails in our small town and for qite a distance beyond were removed and it's now a bike/walking trail.

  7. I like to read your post. I like the way you are talking about life. Thank you Loree.

  8. it's weird. i'm reading paul theroux's The Great Railway Bazaar. I saw your pictures and got immediately reminded of his train adventures. the book's opening line goes like this:

    "Ever since childhood, when I lived within earshot of the Boston and Maine, I have seldom heard a train go by and not wished I was on it."


  9. This is a wonderful post, Loree! Your pictures and words went so well together and inspiring thoughts..

  10. this is a realy nice blog, happy to found you. big hugh Kathrin

  11. Great post Loree, loved your pictures and thoughts, very magical and so true!

  12. I love your images and how you have used them in this post. :)


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