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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Last of the Summer Days

Summer on a small island in the Mediterranean can be quite stressful. Both locals and tourists are out in droves and it is always difficult to find a quiet nook somewhere to just relax and find a moment’s peace. The heat has been kind to us this year – apart from two very hot weeks in August, the temperature was mostly bearable. And for that I am more than thankful.
End August 006
But now the days are getting shorter and the shadows longer. The sun’s rays are losing some of their  power and there is just a hint of crispness in the evening and early morning air. After weeks of bright blue skies, clouds are appearing overhead and we have had our first downpours. Maybe this year summer will make an early exit and let autumn work its magic on the land.
End August 021
For this is when nature comes back to life again over here. And I long to be back in the valleys and on the deserted beaches, searching for the wild flowers that will soon paint the landscape in a myriad different hues and hoping to learn the secrets of the wind as it whispers playfully in my ears.
Wild flowers 007


  1. Loved this post Loree.
    I love love love deserted beaches and long shadows...

  2. This is my fav time of year so long as summer lets fall take over and work its magic on the land as you so rightly depicted it : )
    I think we were both thinking of the season change as I was writing on my Whimsical blog about this too : ) Loved the pics! Thanks!

  3. yay Loree...super beautiful post! Enchanting photos and imagery and words..poetry!!! Thanks for creating another sparkling post of wonderment!
    PS: Thanks for your visit and your lovely words!!

  4. Beautiful ! I think you are lucky to live permanently in a holiday place ! althought the tourists must upset sometimes !

  5. I love this time of year. Usually I am quite sad when summer is on the way out and cooler temperatures are on their way back but I"m actually quite excited about Fall. Or Autumn as most tend to say around here :o) I'm ready for cooler temperatures, cozy sweaters and BOOT SEASON!! haha Great post as always Loree :o)

  6. the winter brought us the cold and darkness! enjoy these days!
    Your photos are very beautiful, I like the landscape with the sunset... :))
    Bye !

  7. Well, Loree, Cyprus and Malta are not sharing the same weather for a change. We have gone back to August heat. A few clouds appeared then went on their merry way.

    I enjoyed your post, enjoy your peace.

  8. We are saying good bye to summer here too! The time my son has to wake up to go to school, is still dark outside..

    Beautiful pictures Loree!

  9. Am I not glad to know that you live in Malta!

    Beautiful photos... I always knew somehow that Mediterranean would be very beautiful, and ever so excited to find a blogger who lives right there.


  10. Loree, your post is beautiful, your words so descriptive, I almost felt as if I were there!! The photos are awesome as always. Take care, Love!

  11. beautifully said, loree. i hope you are back on your deserted beaches and flower-filled valleys very soon!


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