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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Quaint and Colourful Eureka Springs

                USA 748
I had been looking forward to visiting Eureka Springs as soon as we had planned our trip to the States. It seemed like the sort of place I would really enjoy. But when the actual day came round my son and I were all out of sorts and tired. I could probably have slept all day but it seemed ridiculous to miss the chance of seeing a new place just because I was feeling sleepy. So we went. And I did like the place – only now it seems as if I missed a lot of photo opportunities. But I will have to be content with the ones I did take and hope you too will enjoy a glimpse of this charming little town in the hills of Arkansas.
USA 736
Our first stop was at the Eureka Springs and North Arkansas railway station to ride a turn-of-the-century train.
USA 692
It was a trip back in time, made all the more special by a conductor with a story to tell and an ability to give a colourful flair to the history of the railroad.
USA 726
Eureka Springs itself is quaint and colourful. Steep streets are lined with Victorian-style cottages and manors, hotels and eclectic little stores selling art, crafts, antiques and specialties of the area.
USA 688
USA 687
USA 737
USA 741
USA 733
Since we visited a few days before the 4th of July, the town was all decked with flags and bunting.
USA 740
USA 730
Eureka Springs is a really picturesque place and it is indeed a pity that tiredness and the heat got to me so much that I was not able to enjoy it to the fullest.
USA 734
USA 738
But, perhaps, one day we will return to savour the beauty of a town that has not changed much in the last one hundred years.
USA 731
USA 745


  1. It's like time-traveling :-)

  2. Loved that Conductor and the gingerbread house! Great tour, thanks!

  3. What a lovely little town, looks so romantic !

    BTW not only there are no pigeons on Trafalgar square, but they also removed the hanging flower pots from outside the pubs ! Apparently after centuries the government noticed that they could fall on people's head !!
    My friends told me that, he was very angry about it (they are from London)

  4. Very cool post the railway station and all the old buildings..very charming..such fun! yay! and too bad you were sleepy ha ha!! it happens..!
    Great photos!

  5. Looks like a fun place to visit and to learn, Loree! Fantastic pictures!

  6. Great pictures!
    It must have been a wonderful holiday!

  7. Eureka Springs looks like a charming town. I would love to ride on that train and listen to the conductor's stories. :)

  8. Seems like a place I'd love to visit...I love old world charm. Thanks Loree for sharing these pics, they will surely make great memories to cherish and I'm sure you will want to re-visit!

  9. thanks for the tour loree! seems to be a great place! have a good week-end :)

  10. For someone who was tired, you took some awesome photographs! Thanks for sharing, Loree.

  11. love that midwestern masonry -- you take such great shots, loree --- eureka springs would probably love to have them for their own advertising campaign!!


  12. Hi Loree...hope you are having a fabulous week so far! Thanks for your wellw-ishes and support..means alot.. are a shining star!


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