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Friday, 17 September 2010

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror,
On the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?
Tuscany 619
Why Siena, of course!
A reflection of a rather sombre sky and Siena’s Piazza del Campo in a mirror framed in the typical painted ceramics of Tuscany.
It’s almost been a year since we visited Siena and my feet are itching to walk through those medieval streets once more. There are places that charm you, lay their spell on you and bewitch you, making you feel welcome – not as a stranger, but as a long-lost friend that is returning home. And for some reason that I cannot fathom, that is how Siena made me feel.
For the time being, all I can do is dream about this Tuscan gem. But I know that one day I will return -  because a piece of my heart is still there, wandering those narrow, winding streets.
If you would like to read more about my encounter with Siena, please go here.
For more reflections from all over the world, visit James at Newtown Area Photo.


  1. Gorgeous post Loree...fabulous image!! and enchanting words...i hope your wandering spirit is enjoying herself with much joy, beuaty and magic all around!! Beautiful post!

  2. Oh wow, beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend Loree :-)

  3. The reflection is wonderful and I really like the frame on the mirror, it's really interesting.

    Loree, next time you visit Italy try coming over to where I live, ASTI, in the north. This little town is also medieval and this Sunday will be celebrating the Palio of Asti, it is much older than that of Siena.

  5. Oh I love the photo,'s so artistic and dramatic! It could be a good book cover! :) I've never been to Italy...but after reading your post, anybody would love to see Siena! :)

  6. This is wonderful my friend. I totally love it :) I've never beent here so when you go back make sure you take plenty of pictures and keep good notes so we can travel with you. :) Well done. Have a great Weekend :)

  7. I love the way you have only partially included the frame; it adds to the atmosphere.

  8. It must be a beautiful town, I have never been there.
    I published today the adventure of the The Italian who went to Malta.
    A friend brought it with her when she came back from holidays.

  9. love the detail on the mirror, very pretty!

  10. Awesome shot, Loree! I hope you will be back there soon!

  11. Hiya loree,
    Did you bring one of those ceramic frames back with you?
    In which case you can stic k a daily photo in there, pretending you are still in Sienna :-)

  12. I would love to visit this part of Italy. This is such a wonderful photo.

  13. what a stunning image of siena...just love this

    and now i am off to check out the links!

  14. A great place.Nice pic.Bravo.


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