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Friday, 12 November 2010

The Gypsy In Me

I hope that  you have a few minutes to spare today because I would like to take you with me to those cities and places that have a special in my heart. There are events in my life that I do not want to forget and writing about them here makes me re-live them, giving me the illusion that I am back again. A trip back in time to when I
* walked up a mountain track in Sundance and bathed my feet in cool water at the foot of a water-fall.
* hiked in Arches National Park in the scorching July heat, gazing at the splendour of those natural arches and watching the sun set behind Delicate Arch.
* returned to Rome, time and again, feeling my soul come to life each time i wander through its ancient ruins.
Malta & Italy 2003 069
* stood on Charles Bridge as the sun set and a man played a beautiful serenade on his violin for the price of a few pennies.
* rode the roller-coaster at the top of the Stratosphere Hotel and soaked-in the lights of the Vegas casinos.
* gazed in awe at the Colorado River from the top of the Grand Canyon and felt at once both insignificant and immensely powerful.
* fed the pigeons in St Mark’s square and rode a gondola on Gran Canal.
Venice 2005 (31)
* climbed to the top of the Torre del Mangia and looked down at the warren of narrow, winding streets that make up Siena.
Tuscany 590
* window shopped in Paris and eaten crepes in Montmartre.
Paris - Lorna's Day 1 (1)
* felt dwarfed by sky-scrapers in Chicago and ran barefoot in the grass in Millennium Park.
* traipsed through advent markets in Vienna as the first snow started to fall and ate Sachertorte at Schonbrunn Palace.
Vienna - Nov 2007 (29)
* seen a queen’s jewels in London and mourned at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
* sat on the shores of the Great Salt Lake and listened to the mournful cry of the gulls.
* been awed by art in Florence.
Malta & Italy 2003 360
* swum with the pelicans at Cabo San Lucas and experienced the thunderous roar of the Pacific as it crashed into the rocks known as Finisterra – Land’s End.
Cabo San Lucas June 12-19 2004 089
And after each journey I return home and stay put for a while before the gypsy blood in me urges me to take off and explore some other country beyond these shores. So who knows where my vagrant blood will take me next? New York, Morocco, Jerusalem, Machu Pichu, Cefalu`, Greece and its island, Granada, the south of France … the list goes ever on and on … I wait until the call becomes too insistent until I finally have to give in .
This post was written in no particular order so you will see different versions of me depending in which year the photo was taken. All the photos are from 2003 to the present. Unfortunately, I cannot share photos from all the places I visited because I did not own a digital camera at the time.


  1. I knew you traveled, but I had no idea just how much, Loree. You have certainly been around for such a young woman!

  2. Loree !!!..oh my what a beautiful magical post.I loved are gorgeous and all the photos and surroundings are gorgeous too!Wonderful..thanks for sharing the gypsy in you and all the enchanting stories and places you have roamed!!

  3. i think traveling rejuvenates us somehow. when the wanderlust is strong, you can't but let it reign, huh? :)

    have a great weekend, Loree!


  4. If your next destination is Melbourne by any chance, be sure to let me know :)

    ... also you are very pretty lady, dear Loree :)

  5. I have gypsi blood in me too ! Love to travel and see other countries ! I haven't been in Vienna yet (a shame, as I was in Austria) and not even in Rome because I thought I have to spend a few days there and never had time) Next year on my travel list is a roundtrip through Tunesia or a week in Istambul ! I don't know yet.

  6. Wow! You've been to a lot of places.
    I have a bit of gypsy in me too. In fact when I was a little girl I wanted to be a gypsy and travel around in a caravan pulled by horses. For now I'm going through a home stage - I think I spent too much time away from home and now I'm happy to stay put for a while. However, there are still a lot of places I want to see and when the time is right I'll be off like a gypsy again!

  7. Wonderful post Loree! These trips and memories are worth preserving and remembering..

  8. Your travels sound great. Nice pictures!

  9. Thanks for sharing with us a part of your great adventures...have you ever considered writing a book about "Loree's Travels"!
    Have a great weekend,

  10. Fantastic post! I'm so glad that you share your travels through blogging and a book would be really too. :D

  11. A very beautiful summary of your travels !
    I liked it and your photos are gorgeous !
    A very good post ! ... :))


  12. loree, thank you for this wonderful tour to all these exciting places you have been! i loved seeing fotos of you especially those of siena, chicago and vienna -- it's almost as much fun to re-live memories of those trips as it is actually doing the trips sometimes, i find~

  13. Howdy Loree
    Oh my you did it again :)
    Just when I had such a wicked case of the blues you brought me out of the darkness into the light of travel and fantastic views !
    Thank you for sharing your fabulous images .
    I am so truly appreciative of your gypsy spirit and willingness to share your adventures .Take care my blogging friend .
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  14. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful experiences with us! I'm glad you've got a digital camera now, so you can take us wherever you go.

  15. Loree, what a traveller you are, this is amazing to discover it, and to find out we have so much in common. I haven't visit so many places like you, but love Italy beyond words, Florence is my greatest love in this world, and I wish to have a house there. I also dream of travelling through United States and Canada, and Australia, and... There is so many places we should see, and I hope we all will have enough time to do so.

  16. ps. Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful photos.

  17. I'm always so jealous of the life you've lead. Oh, how fantastically exciting your life is/has been!
    This is an original and splendid idea for a blog post.
    BTW your last sentence says, now instead of not.

  18. Wow - you've been to so many places - love the pictures. So awesome that you've been to Utah - I love the Arches too. I just read the story of how you're husband proposed to you in Arches and we're kindred in a way. My husband didn't propose to me there but we did first start liking each other on a camping trip to Arches. It is so beautiful. It makes me wonder what heaven will be like when there so many beautiful places on Earth.

  19. I loved the tour! Thanks for the mini holiday :)

  20. These are such lovely photographs filled with sweet sentiment. I hope you have a wonderful day and continue to visit. xox ~ Carmen Alexandra

  21. I can relate to you so well. I must have some gypsy blood running through me as well. I cannot last more than 6 mos. and then I feel such a strong urge to explore somewhere new. Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos and memories.


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