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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Monday, Monday

Sunday is almost over again. It’s been a mostly relaxing weekend. I love my job but for some reason, I dread Mondays – the traffic jams; the constant rush to get things done. Sometimes I feel like a slave to my own routine, like it’s the end of the world if I deviate slightly from my day to day chores and activities. So I have no one to blame but moi for all the pressure I am putting on myself.
But is it selfish to sometimes wish I could just take off and go somewhere far from the stress of everyday life - to a place where I can dream and get back in touch with myself? Am I the only one who finds Mondays so oppressive? Perhaps I just need to grow up and remember that Monday is just the day after Sunday and that the world will still keep on turning if I decide to do something on a whim and throw my planned routine out of the window. Sometimes I feel like I am turning into a frightful bore.
My apologies for a rather melancholic post. Hope these flowers will cheer you up.
Spring flowers (7) Spring flowers (9) Flowers in our garden (1)
All photos were taken last Spring in our garden.


  1. No need to apologize Loree...I'm of the retirement age and happy, but sometimes I have these feelings on grocery shopping day...lined up with other women; going up and down the aisles like cattle, gathering what we're going to eat! :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Loree! Now that I am retired, I CAN do whatever I want with my day, but I will never forget the feelings of having to get up every day very, very early, no matter what and having to answer to someone else every second of my day and day after day.....thank you for reminding me that no matter if one is working yet or retired, we must treasure every single second of one's day, no matter what!

  3. I know what you mean about Monday, Loree..I feel the same way..Have a great week ahead.

  4. i feel the same with mondays. dreading is the right word for me.

    thank you for sharing the pictures of the flowers. have a great week.

  5. No matter what, you will never turn into a bore. Interesting post, cheerful flowers, thank you!

  6. I know what you mean, Loree. Nice photos of flowers :)

  7. You know I was feeling the same as you on Mondays and then suddenly I was retired and had nothing to do anymore, no pressure, no stress ! that stressed me so much that I didn't feel very well for 3 years until finally I found a way to get out of this stressful boredom. I think I am thankful to the blog invention !

  8. My dad hated Mondays he used to say he got the "Monday Blues".
    I think we all find it hard to accept the first working day after a weekend.
    No dear you're not a bore at all.
    Keep these lovely posts coming!

  9. Your flowers are gorgeous, thank you, and very cheery, too! :-)

    "Blue Mondays" may not always fall on the day after Sunday, but they happen. This week, I had a rather good Monday, went smoothly as planned, but today, Tuesday, made me wish for a true Sunday to come rather sooner than later. I am exhausted and have no idea how I can pick myself up to start all over tomorrow. ;-)

  10. loree - i admire your honesty in sharing your feelings on this subject.... and when you ask: is it selfish to sometimes wish I could just take off and go somewhere far from the stress of everyday life - to a place where I can dream and get back in touch with myself?

    the answer is a resounding no!

  11. Oooh !
    I love your beautiful flowers ! :-))


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  13. I am get to learn to 'accept' Mondays... I cannot start Mondays without an extra shot of 'long black' (expresso)...

  14. beautiful pictures...since my hubby deployed all my days seem to run together and there's no start or finish to my in a sense I guess mondays for me have cease to exist...although some weeks it feels like monday everyday. :) Thank you for all your sweet comments.

  15. Loree, I have a good life in the sun here in Cyprus, as you know. Even now, I still dislike Mondays. I still do all the mundane chores on a monday. I cannot break the habit. LOL

  16. You are definitely NOT a bore and never can be!
    We all get those Monday Feelings, it is just that we have to accept them as the passage of the weekend ending and a new week starting : ) But I know sometimes it is not as simple as that!


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