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Monday, 22 November 2010

He Sings To Me

After days of silence he is finally back. In the velvety stillness of an autumn evening all I can hear is the mesmerizing call of his voice. He can be brash and his ferocity whips everything around him in a frenzy of motion. Where he comes from and where he goes to, nobody knows. Here one minute and gone the next – as elusive as a mystery.
PB141827 PB141828  
But when he lingers and I lie in bed waiting for sleep to come, then he sings to  me. Like the legendary sirens, he sings to me, wishing to lure me out into his frantic arms, tossing me hither and thither and doing with me what he will. Because he is none other than the mighty north-west wind. The wind with majesty in his voice; the one we call the majjistral (pronounced mayyistraal) – my favourite wind, the one that lifts my mood.
Just a whimsical tribute to my muse - the NW wind.
Photos from my archives - taken from our house on a day very similar to today  in November 2008.


  1. Magnificent Loree...I am swept away wiht these epic and beautiful captures..and your magical words...gorgeous-gorgeous!!
    Fabulous post!

  2. Wow, what a fantastic way to look at the wind! Great post, Loree!

  3. Poetic thoughts Loree! We have a strong wind blowing tonight also! I will enjoy too!

  4. You are very romantic today ! I like the wind whistling around our house and sitting in front of an open fire ! that's cosy !

  5. Beautiful words and photos, thank you! Yes, the wind's voice can lead us to the very mysterious places.

  6. Oh I love how you tell this the North Wind in this post! It's so magical and beautiful.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it in Malta!

  7. i love winds.......and this beautiful paen to a very special one. thanks for introducing us to the majjistral (reminds me of the english patient when almasy says to katherine, let me tell you about the winds.......)

  8. A fantastic tribute to the wind!! Love the pics too.

  9. Which beautiful text, and wonderful pictures ! I liked your lastest articles, congratulations ! :))


  10. These are simply lovely, the different shades of blue, gray, slate as sky meets sea. A lovely backdrop against which to light candles, poor a glass of wine, and sit for a while in the sanctity of silence. Have a wonderful day, Loree ~ xox Alexandra


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