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Monday, 1 November 2010

Ruby Tuesday – Pretty Polly

It’s been a while since I joined this weekly meme hosted by Mary at Work of the Poet.
Today I am sharing a photo of a gorgeous parrot that was nice enough to pose for me when we visited Grant’s Farm one hot, humid day last June. I really loved the vibrant colours on this parrot.
USA 364
Looking at the parrot took me right back to my childhood, to my great-grandmother’s house and to another colourful parrot – perhaps not as beautiful as this one – squawking away at whoever cared to stop and admire it as is sat on its perch in the balcony. It’s strange how one minute I was at Grant’s Farm and the next I was transported back to being a 4 year-old child sitting patiently on the lap of an 80 year-old woman as she reminisced about her youth. Such is the beauty of that thing we call memory.
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  1. Very nice portrait! You must enjoyed visiting your great-grandma and her parrot. It is amazing how certain sensations can trigger memories.

  2. Oh, please visit Australia.... the parrot variety here is quite something.... I think this one is called a Crimson Rosella.

    Such a sweet thing to remember Loree :). My grandmother had brought me up. I wonder if there ever will come a time when I will miss her less enough to be able to talk about her :).

  3. What a beautiful post touching and lovely to remembr back when!! Beautiful bird...and so cool about your grandmother..!

  4. that parrot looks gorgeous! nice capture! Happy RT!.

  5. That's such a beautiful parrot..I haven't seen one in red like this..

  6. A beautiful parrot, Loree! Happy Ruby Tuesday! thanks for playing! :)

  7. What a beautiful parrot ! I knew one who used to imitate the cat's meow and worse the telphone ring !

  8. oh i agree. memories are a wonderful thing.

  9. Yes ! This parrot has a beautiful red color ! My only regret is not being able to see it all, he seems to have another beautiful colors !
    This does not negate your very good photo and your nice text ! :))


  10. Oh wow, what a great photo!!

  11. DH loves the parrot. How lovely the picture took you back in time.

  12. loree - what a beautiful memory of your great-grandmother --

    also love the foto - i didn't know they had parrots at grant's farm (in my neck of the woods!)


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