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Monday, 21 November 2011

On Giving Thanks

First of all I wanted to thank you all for sharing your thoughts regarding my question in my last post. I know that I am not ready to give up my other blog – at least at this point in time – but I have made a few decisions. I will diversify this blog so that it will include more of what I currently include in my other blog in its content. Sounds confusing? Right now I am still confused myself but I am working it out slowly in my head. As for the other blog, I think I will aim it more at tourists and people who want more information about certain places, museums, restaurants etc. I will see how it all works out.

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Well, here we are in the second half of November. Like all holidays that are not celebrated here in Malta, Thanksgiving has, once again, crept up on me. Every year, sometime in September, I vow that this year I will have time to prepare a nice meal complete with all the trimmings and an appropriate table-scape. But, like all other years, I am unprepared. The meal will happen and, although we will try to keep it as simple as possible, browsing through various mouth-watering recipes posted on different blogs always leaves me spoiled for choice and utterly confused as to what to cook.

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Sometimes I think we worry too much about the food and the traditions and forget that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks: for what we have, for the people in our lives and for a thousand other little things that may seem trivial but are really so important. Give thanks, above all, for life.

I would like to wish you all a happy  Thanksgiving. We will be celebrating on Saturday since Thursday is a regular working day here. Enjoy the food and the beauty of the season. But above all, enjoy your loved ones.


  1. Good idea to celebrate on Saturday when you have more free time. Our Thanksgiving celebrations are usually low-key, yet simple and fun. Enjoy!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Loree! I'm never prepared enough to plan anything out. Something always happens at the last minute..

  3. We just enjoy our traditional Thanksgiving meal favorites year after year, sometimes with a little twist or something new, but mostly it's the getting together and making memories.

  4. we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Philippines. it's all about Christmas, Christmas, Christmas this time of the year. :)

  5. I must have missed the post about the blogs. I'll need to look back to see what you are deliberating ...

  6. As one for whom food is pretty much forbidden most of the time, I appreciate your reminder that this holiday is about gratitude for love and life.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I imagine it's tricky with an American husband and trying to fashion a Thanksgiving meal while on a tiny island off of Italy!! That is wonderful that try to do this for him.

  8. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving even if we don't celebrate it here in Italy. I think it is a lovely tradition... I remember my mum giving thanks for the blessings received for the year gone by on New Year's eve way back when I still lived in Malta it generally happened at the evening mass... the Te Deum Mass.
    Enjoy your celebration!
    Sue :)


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