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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tunes On My Playlist – November Rain

It rained. All last night and throughout the day. It was a gentle, soothing rain, quite unlike the torrential downpours that usually occur around these parts.  The rain seems to have washed away the lethargy that had overcome me for the past couple of days. There are times when I could write a post every day and other times when I have to stand back and take a few moments to reflect. Right now I am wondering whether it might be a good idea to marry this blog and Snapshots of an Island so that I will end up with just one blog. It is not an easy decision and I would like your feedback my blogging friends. The truth is that I live on an island with 6000 years of history. I started Snapshots of an Island to separate the story of this island from the story of my life. But I am not sure whether this is successful or not. A lot of what happens, the places I go to, the things that I do, happen on this island and keeping the two apart is becoming harder and harder. I am Mediterranean, I live on an island and I love history. I think that these aspects of me need to find themselves onto this blog too. How it is all going to turn out, I don’t know yet. I will be doing a lot of thinking and some things will change, that’s for sure. And what better day to choose to stop and think than a day in November with rain pouring down while I sit in my cozy little nook and write? After all, this is the Mediterranean and rainy days are not the order of the day. To quote the song I have chosen today “nothin’ lasts forever, even cold  November rain”.
I absolutely love this track. It’s not my all time favourite but it is in my top 10 favourite songs of all time. November Rain was released in 1992 by bad boy band Guns ‘N Roses. It is undoubtedly a rock ballad but the sweeping orchestral score that accompanies it gives it an extra edge, a feeling of grandiosity which, I am sure,  is what front man Axl Rose wanted to convey.
In my opinion November Rain is one of those great songs that has withstood the test of time even though the original members of Guns ‘N Roses are no longer together. It is one of the classics of my generation. As the song plays in the background, the November rain continues to fall gently. It is time for me to wind down, rethink a few things and curl up with a good book – all perfect activities for a cold, wet November evening.


  1. My daughter was a fan of Guns and Roses during her senior school years... she loves rock music and still plays in a band.
    I have different tastes in music but this relates to the generation gap I guess.
    As for your dilemma about keeping just one blog, I can only say that blogging is very time consuming. Combining the two blogs in one wouldn't be a bad idea... well that's what I think. As for me I visit this one regularly and finding snapshots of Malta here would make it more interesting... I'm afraid I have rarely visited your other blog... I have this one saved among my favorites so it is only a question of comodity... it's easier to find. I am sure your other blog is just as interesting.
    Good Luck !

  2. i don't think i can manage two separate blogs. it's like having two lives. but i know of some who keep a couple of (or several) blogs, one for private stuff and the other for less personal matters.

  3. it rained here, this morning, too... i love a soft rain. i like both your blogs, but i think you're right, that your island and your love of history are a part of you, and it would be only natural to combine both blogs into one that expresses all you have to express. (and i personally can't imagine keeping up with two separate blogs, although i know people who have more than two!)

  4. We have the torrential downpours we normally get in January! This part of the Med is soggy. The sun is due back out next week, but in the meantime I will enjoy cosy times in my nook.

    I love to see your pics of Malta and trips. Good luck with your blog decisions.

  5. loree - i have to agree with angeli - i don't know how people maintain multiple blogs - sometimes its hard to just do one! i appreciate your desire to keep your 'lives' separate - but to me who and i am where i am are merged so closely that i'd have a hard time separating them. i just went over to 'snapshots' and it's fabulous! from a selfish standpoint it would be easier to visit both these great sites in the same place, but i understand the struggle behind deciding whether or not to combine them.

  6. Hello good sunday :)

  7. An award awaits you on my writing blog x

  8. In your case I would put the blogs together, that's a very good idea. I had to separate my initial blog because it was my cat blog and I couldn't write every day about cats and not everybody loves cats. So I created Writer's Cramps, and had two blogs, but with that I am participating in so many photo memes and I love it so I created the third blog only for photos.
    My travel blog I only use when I really travel into an interesting part of the world or I want to show something special here from Belgium. But this blog is only used from time to time and then don't forget ... I am retired and blogging is my hobby, what would I do without it the whole day ?? I only have one husband and not a harem, lol !

  9. Oy, I don't know how you have done it. My sister at one point said I should separate my blogs ... art and everything else but I have enough trouble doing one when things get crazy. So ... follow your heart. They are both great but if you feel like it's too much and not adding more joy (just stress) then rethink. Blessings to you Loree!


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