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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Tunes On My Playlist – California Dreamin

California Dreamin which was first released in 1965 by the Mamas and the Papas is one of my favourite ‘oldies’. It brings back childhood memories of record players and black vinyl records usually accompanied by lots of static. It reminds me of winters that actually felt cold, of cozy rooms and, I’m not sure why, of pink pyjamas. I am sure that my mum and dad still have the original album stacked somewhere in their house. It was a time when music was raw and real. When it was still about the lyrics and the melody rather than about what the singer/s looked like.
I sat down with the intention of writing a totally different post today. But the words would not flow. It happens from time to time. I am finding myself listening to music a bit more these days – especially to those songs that evoke special memories. And when that happens, it’s like I’m in a dream world and my feet have difficulty staying on the ground. Perhaps I’m doing a bit of California dreaming myself right now. I know that I am always guilty of dreaming with my eyes open, so it’s hardly surprising. I’ll post again when I am back in the real world Smile


  1. I love your post today. I've always loved this song too. This song was from "my era" when I was a teen and I agree with you that you could understand and relate to the lyrics. Today's music will never be classic like our music was.


  2. a have a playlist of travel (or wanderlust inspiring) songs. California Dreaming is included.

  3. music has that effect on me too, loree. i love the mamas and the papas - mama cass' voice was unlike any other. too bad she departed this life - like so many rock musicians in the 60s - too soon.

  4. That's a great song, and I love it too! I like songs with meaningful lyrics also, which often touch my soul.

  5. these days, i listen to purely inspirational and calming music. i guess it depends on my mood.

  6. love that song, too. (my 21-yr-old daughter says that my generation's music was so much better than hers - she laments that she won't have any cool music to introduce to her kids someday ;)

  7. I loved the Mamas and the papas... their music still lives on.

  8. Always loved California Dreamin'. Have an awesome week Loree.


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