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Monday, 28 November 2011

Running On {Almost} Empty

As weekends come, it was a busy one. Preparations for our Thanksgiving celebration started Friday night when the  Mischief Maker and I made the Pumpkin Roll. It was really straightforward to make and, although I do not think that the smell of pureed pumpkin is exactly appetising, the final product tasted so much better than I expected that I was very pleasantly surprised. I tweaked the original recipe which I found at Mel’s Kitchen  Cafe just slightly by adding about 1 teaspoon pumpkin spice to the rest of the ingredients. Admittedly my roll is rather flat …
Thanksgiving (9)
My sweet American and I spent most of Saturday cooking. I tackled a batch of breadsticks inspired by Olive Garden. I found the recipe at Full Bellies, Happy Kids. I could not, for the life of me, remember what Olive Garden breadsticks tasted like but The American said that the ones I made tasted like the real thing.
Thanksgiving (4)
We opted not to cook turkey this year. I do not particularly care for it and, when we make it, it feels like we’re eating left-overs for ever. We went for capons with a citrus herb rub instead. The American prepared the birds. He has a knack for cooking meat which I seem to lack. Of course we made side dishes too and a cranberry margarita courtesy of Bobby Flay. We did not go for traditional recipes this year because sometimes I get a bit tired of traditions, preferring to make our own. So Saturday passed in a blur of cooking and washing what seemed to be an endless amount of pots and pans. It was worth it though.The meal was lovely as was the company.
Sunday I woke up feeling like I had run a marathon and would have gladly spent the day in bed. However I managed to summon the energy to go to Valletta and visit Patches – The Special Market.
Valletta on a Sunday (13)
The first Patches Market was held about a year ago. It is an artisans market which is held every 3 months or so. Some exorbitantly-priced items apart, it is a wonderful place to pick up hand made items, especially with Christmas around the corner.
Valletta on a Sunday (17)
This is the last weekend before the Christmas shopping chaos starts. I particularly enjoyed taking photos in the near-empty streets. That’s when one can really appreciate the full architectural beauty of our capital city.
Valletta on a Sunday (10)
I suddenly realised that sometimes, when I start to write, I just can’t stop.


  1. Oh yes, the Christmas rush is here. I am quite done with my shopping list. Only one person to shop for in the family and I'm done :).

  2. Yes it's... that wonderful time of the year!
    I imagine Valletta is lovely with the Christmas illuminations.

  3. Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds and yummy, well done to both of you! I love your idea of making your own traditional dinners :D It's good that your little Mischief Maker helped with your pumpkin roll too...Bravo!
    Great Patches Market and Valletta pictures!
    Will you be cooking Christmas dinner too ?
    Have a great week,

  4. Absolutely yummy, that is why I want to move to America! Thank you! :-)

  5. cranberry margaritas? i like how you celebrate thanksgiving!

  6. How lovely you celebrate Thanksgiving... I wish we did!! Seems like a holiday celebration that is not about consumerism..

    Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  7. i'm glad you had a lovely meal (and from what i remember about olive garden breadsticks, your home-baked version was probably infinitely better!)

    (love those trees bedecked with fairy lights.)

  8. As always, you have the most beautiful photos to share! Thank you, Loree :)

  9. simply lovely!!!!
    ...hey I love the new look too!

  10. You were busy for sure, baking and cooking, and shopping. Your Thanksgiving sounds fantastic and wonderful.

  11. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! I couldn't agree with you more about turkey!

    I especially love your last picture. What a beautiful arch!

  12. I too like starting traditions of our own...that don't include turkey. I didn't even ask this year what to bring...I brought what I wanted to contribute and luckily had really kind comments. Whew!

  13. The first photo is making me so hungry!


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