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Monday, 6 February 2012

For Him

He’s growing. So fast. I selfishly wish I could stop him. Stop time. Stop the world in its tracks  For him. For that  mischievous, boisterous laugh. For the innocent wonder in those big brown eyes. For those magical moments that will never come again.  For him.  Just for him.
USA - December 2011 031
My little Mischief Maker turned 6 yesterday. It seems like it was not too long ago that he was a cuddly baby. Now he’s all little boy -  playing with trucks, planes and trains and running all over the house making all sorts of engine noises. There are days when I just want him to be quiet but then I remember that each phase lasts so little. I am trying my best to be patient and to enjoy every single noisy minute before it’s gone, leaving only the memory.
Since it was his birthday, my husband and I dedicated the past weekend solely to him – making sure he got to do the things he enjoys. His requests were pretty simple. He wanted to go for a walk to Chadwick lakes and then to Dingli cliffs. It was cold in Malta this past weekend, as it has been all over Europe, but down in the valley by the man-made reservoir that we call Chadwick Lakes, it was strangely calm and warm. Almost 6 (10)
The birds sang  in the bare branches of silver birch trees and the wayside was lined with pretty Cape Sorrel flowers. Almost 6 (15)
Almost 6 (20)
Above us grey clouds raced to their next destination. And, as we were about to leave, the pretty blossoms of an almond tree beckoned – the earliest promise of spring.
Almost 6 (27)
The looming clouds made the view from Dingli cliffs more spectacular than usual. Patches of sunlight were surrounded by walls of greyness. Almost 6 (32)
Almost 6 (36)
In one place rain fell; right next to it, sunlight broke through the clouds. It was definitely cold up here, completely at the mercy of the wind. Before too long the rain began to fall around us too.
It was our cue to get into the car and drive off. We had lunch at McDonald’s (where else?) and then went to the cinema and watched Puss In Boots in 3D. And of course, if you’re 6 years old, no birthday is complete without a chocolate cake decorated with the image of your favourite soft toy.Jason's 6th birthday 073
Thanks to my husband for patiently creating the mouse from icing sugar. I could never have done such a wonderful job.
Jason's 6th birthday 083


  1. It looks and sounds like a beautiful day (and how lovely that your son's request was for simple things, like a nature walk with his parents.) I'm not surprised that your artist-husband was able to so delightfully reproduce your son's favorite toy on his birthday cake!

  2. P.S. the almond blossom is very beautiful :)

  3. Loree, what a wonderful post -- from the shot of your boy to your 'selfish' thoughts about his innocence to the flowers and storms to the excellent homemade cake. Very personal, very much all you. This was a nice, quiet insight into your world.

  4. It's only now that I realize that time flies by so fast when I try to remember my little boy's childhood ! On his birthdays we had to give a birthday party with all kids of his class, from 3 years old ! (besides those he didn't like) and as he has his birthday in August, it mostly took place in the garden (fortunately) Mr. G. played with them often up to 10 kids and even today sometimes he mets an unknown young men who remembers him because of the birthday parties, lol ! Looking back you really have them until 13, then come the friends, the puberty etc and it becomes a little difficult ! but you still have lots of time to enjoy him now !

  5. PS. I forgot to say that the cake is super !!

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  7. i was just talking to my colleagues about their sons. they have sentiments exactly like yours, loree. all mothers feel like that, i guess.

  8. This is such a nice post Loree, definitely heartfelt! I know the feelings! Yes you're right there to enjoy even the noises he loves to make! As you know our youngest is off studying at a Uni abroad and boy! do we miss his laugh and discussions! Oh well, at least we know he is taking care of his future! Every step is important and we try to 'be there' in different ways for them!
    Those countryside and cliff shots are beautiful! Happy Birthday to your 6 year old! And well done to your husband for a great cake picture job! Glad you all had a wonderful day! These memories are indeed very precious!

  9. Ah, belated happy birthday. I loved this post Loree, and the cake is my favorite part, your husband is a genius :-)

  10. You're simply a great writer, Loree. I love the part that you wrote about your son, every bit of it, as I do share the same sentiment as you.

    What a lovely way to share the weekend with your son! Tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

    (I know you have the FB networking gadget, but I can't find you to add as friend!)

  11. Happy Birthday to the little man! 6 is so great. (My nephew Benjamin turned 6 in August)
    What a wonderful day you had. So nice that you had some great weather over there. So many
    different views!
    The cake is fantastic! So glad you showed it with his stuffed toy! too cute!

  12. belated happy birthday :)

    i love the cake :)

  13. I think I am late to wish your little boy a Happy Birthday but still I send him my best wishes. Beautiful pictures and wonderful cake!

  14. I would like to thank each one of you for your comments and for the birthday wishes. The Mischief Maker said 'thank you'.

  15. Belated Happy Birthday to your beautiful son, Loree. Sorry to be late...have no idea how I missed this post! Fun cake!!!

  16. take it from me (memories of my son at this age seem just yesterday) it does go by fast - you are wise to savor these moments together.

    happy birthday wishes to your little man ;-)


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