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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday Wanderings: A Piazza, A Bell Tower And The Rooftops of Siena

Tuscany 624-1
Welcome to Il Campo – one of Italy’s most beautiful piazzas. It simply will not do to call it a square because it is shaped like a sea-shell. Il Campo is the heart of Siena. It is here that people meet for a cappuccino or simply for a stroll, arm in arm, in pure Italian fashion. And it is here that every summer horses and riders risk their lives for the coveted Palio.
Tuscany 546-1
It was on a crisp October morning  that I emerged, blinking, from  the relative shade of Siena’s narrow, winding streets into the bright, sun-filled Piazza del Campo. Apart from its unusual shape, it is the tall bell tower that dominates the whole scene that makes this piazza stand out. Tuscany 549-1
Il Torre del Mangia is the second tallest medieval tower in Italy and, at 102 metres, it is an awe-inspiring sight. It does what it was built to do – convey an aura of wealth and supremacy while striking fear in the hearts of Siena’s enemies.
Tuscany 564-1
It was a long, strenuous climb to the top of the bell-tower, definitely not an undertaking for the faint-hearted or the claustrophobic – the higher we climbed, the narrower the tower got and the more the walls seemed to hem us in. But when we finally emerged, breathless, in the shadow of the bells, the view more than compensated for any inconvenience we had suffered. From here, Siena fanned out beneath us, a warren of streets and rooftops basking in the autumn sun.
Tuscany 587-1
The duomo of Santa Maria Assunta rose haughtily like an exotic tropical flower amongst a field of modest daisies, while below us, Il Campo was reduced to the size of a child’s handkerchief.
Tuscany 602-1
Tuscany 600-1
In the distance, the vineyards and olive groves for which Tuscany is so famous stretched as far as we could see. It felt so peaceful, so serene. Surely nothing had ever marred the tranquility of this beautiful place.
Tuscany 586-1
But then I glanced at the sombre bells and I knew that they  must have rung countless times to rouse the citizens of Siena and to rally them against attack. These ancient places have a troubled and chequered past. A past that this brooding tower knows very well. But those days belong to the realm of shadows and nothing troubles the mighty bells anymore except for the gentle breezes blowing in from the Tuscan hills.
Tuscany 584-1
Photographed in Piazza del Campo, Siena
October 2009
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  1. I adore Siena. I took the train from Roma, stopped at Pisa then spent two nights in Siena. Piazza del Campo really interest me. It was like a beach with no water. A lot of people hang around there especially those who'd like to get some tan.

  2. Wonderful description and images of the bell tower and views!

  3. Another place I got to be at before I die :)

  4. What a nice sightseeing tour ! I think I have been in Sienna, but that must be ages ago !

  5. Loree, you always describe the places that you visited with such vivid details in beautiful words. It's so intriguing to read, and learn more.

    Gorgeous photos!

  6. Ah Loree, you have picked one of my absolute favourite places in the world. I went to Siena a few years ago and looked at it much the same as you did. You are so good to provide all this information, it was nice to remember again. There are some places I have travelled that I feel I do not need to go back again...Siena isn't one of them. I could go over and over again...I love Italy..(even more than France...shhhh)...

    Best wishes Loree and thanks so much for your very kind comments on my posts this week...very much appreciated!!
    Jeanne xx

  7. Oh, how I loved Siena. Off of the Piazza, I wandered into this little pottery shop. I bought a butter dish and a little tea pot. They are two of my most beloved items. I wish I had bought more pieces because they have continued to delight me 7 years later. I even tried googling pottery shops in Siena, but I cannot find the style.


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