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Monday, 20 February 2012

Nothing Lasts Forever But The Earth And Sky*

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Sometimes I wonder what people living in 200 hundred years’ time will make of these blogs we write – always assuming that these blogs will still be roaming around on the world-wide-web in 2212. But let us presume that they are. It will make things so much easier for them to peek into our life-style and culture. They will have the details straight from the very people who were living at the time, complete with hundreds of thousands of images. The truth is, that unless we delete them, our posts will probably out-live us.  I was blog hopping last week, randomly pressing the  Next button at the top of this page. In those 30 minutes that I spend whiling away my time I came across two blogs that were written by women who had lost their battle against cancer. And although this was the first time that I was reading their words, I felt unbelievably sad. Physically they are gone forever. Yet their spirit lives on in the posts they left behind.
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We all blog for different reasons but I think that we all crave a connection to other people with our same interests and, tenuous though they may be, friendships are formed. And when someone whose posts we look forward to decides that it is time to quit – well it is impossible not to feel a void. Unknowingly and unintentionally  our words impact each others lives and leave positive vibes for years to come. Suze, I don’t know if you will ever read this, but I wanted to thank you for the support you have given me and for all the thoughts you shared that spoke volumes about you. Many times I felt like you were voicing my own thoughts and it felt good to know there was someone else out there who had my same doubts and preoccupations (and who liked a lot of the same crazy  music); it felt unbelievably good. So, while I wish you luck with your manuscripts, I sincerely hope that one day you will return to Analog Breakfast. Because, who knows, perhaps our words, like the earth and the sky, will last until the end of this age and then all these of things will pass away.
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* From ‘Dust In The Wind’ by Kansas.
The Sea, The Earth And The Sky
Photographed at
Dingli Cliffs
February 2012


  1. lovely thoughts and words about blogging, your friend, and life in general.

  2. Loree, I am reading this. And I am crying. I feel so stripped online and yet so tightly-knit with you and with others that I can't imagine completely shying away.

    I just don't know how to balance my feelings of vulnerability. I thought maybe I would just read and comment on the posts of the people that I love for a while and see what happens.

    This really touched me.

  3. Deep thoughts, written from the heart!
    I too know of two people, one with a lovely crafting website and the other with a blog who have passed away. I also know of some who have put aside their blog but I think (hope) they will be back. Life takes ahold of us in different ways and we just have to play it by ear : )
    Wouldn't it have been super if when we were at school we could have read about the life of Jesus, the life of famous inventors, scholars, kings and queens, our very own ancestors, right on their blog! But then would they have had the time to write, I wonder!
    Thanks for a very creative and interesting post Loree and wonderful pics as always.

  4. I haven't thought of our blogs in that way, since for the domain ones, the blogs would be deleted without paying every year. Thus, these blogs would be gone forever.

    But your sentiment in this post is beautiful and heart warming, Loree! The connection online is something that keeps us all coming back.

    I love how you always come up with different perspective in your thinking and writing, which always makes me ponder!

  5. Those photos are absolutely beautiful. I just love the light that you captured. I haven't been blogging terrifically long. But, there was one blog that I enjoyed. A young married couple from Romania was living in Japan when the Tsunami hit. The last I heard they decided to leave Tokyo and return home. Once they returned home the blog was no longer. You are right, as tenuous as it is, we do crave connections and are curious about human nature other than our own.

  6. oh, what a lovely post. so heartfelt and beautifully written.

  7. I can relate to this, some really nice blogs are no longer up in the air, but I also like to discover new people who I connect with. Modern day life isn't...
    I wrote this,
    Hi Loree,
    yep, I was a bit too optimistic about the weather.....spring is not here yet it seems.....
    and Yeah for longer days! Mxx
    as a reply to you via email but again i noticed too late that it was to non-reply I respond again here,
    cheers! Maureen

  8. Beautiful Loree. And Suze's comment is so touching too.

  9. What a super beautiful post..very heartfelt and so lovely! Blogland is a wonderful realm to meet kindreds and it has been awesome meeting friends like you!

  10. A very thoughtful post which made me think of what will happen to mine. I had already printed a part of my cat blog, which came out very well and I think I will start to have at least my Main blog and the whole cat blog printed maybe my little grandson will be curious enough to read his grandma's blog ! Finally I was amongst the first Bloggers when it really started in 2006 !
    You may add to sky and earth also water because water maybe will swallow the whole earth except the sky, it will last forever.
    Since I am blogging I lost already 2 of my good blogfriends, I felt so sad as if I had known them in real, but I think you know a person far better through a blog then in real, because all you say here you wouldn't tell a person you don't know.

  11. I too got so emotional reading this.
    Beautifully said Loree and very moving.
    I think it must be like a the stories of
    people decades ago who met became friends
    through letters.

  12. Lovely thoughts and interesting post.


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