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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wednesday Wanderings – Ben’s Lake

USA 237-1
Some places just make me smile. This is one of them. This lake has no name, as far as anyone can remember. I call it Ben’s lake. Ben is, by marriage, my husband’s uncle. Although he is in his eighties, Ben still has a wicked sense of humour and a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. But I am straying from my subject …
The lake is a favourite haunt of mine whenever we visit the small town of Canton where my husband grew up. It is situated right down the hill from the house were my in-laws still live. So I often walk down there, cherishing the silence and the solitude. In summer I am accompanied but a host of insects and other little creatures (I prefer not to think of the snakes that might be lurking in the grass).
USA - December 2011 014-1
This time it was colder and my only companions were my thoughts. It is the perfect place to do some soul-searching or to just while away the time. Here, the memories of summer BBQs and carefree days seem to linger in the air. This place is timeless. I can sit on the swing and pretend I am twelve years old again. Or even younger than that. The possibilities are endless. Yes, the perfect location to build my castles in the air … to sleep, perchance to dream*
* Quote from Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet, Prince of Denmark’.
Darin's USA 385-1
Photographed in
Canton (MO), December 2011


  1. What a peaceful place... beautiful.

  2. Such a beautiful place, lovely photos, thanks Loree for sharing with us : )

  3. the water looks so calm. i would be in such a dreamy state if i were there too.

  4. It looks so beautiful and serene... xoxo, B

  5. Looks like a peaceful place! Great snapshots.

  6. that looks like missouri alright......and the shot of the swings reminds me of one i played on in my childhood.

  7. It looks so serene, how lovely.

  8. I grew up next to a lake like that, in Illinois. (And I, too, have an uncle named Ben!)

  9. That was supposed to be an exclamation point after the name Ben :)

    1. I think that this font is a bit weird that's why it doesn't look like an exclamation mark - I need to change it.


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