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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

On Finding Magic

                                                     Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

Do you believe in magic? I do. I think we are surrounded by magic but most of us fail to see it. I know it’s magic when someone, something or somewhere makes my heart and soul beat in rhythm with the pulse of the universe. Wishing you all a magical week. Keep your eyes wide open and savour the  magic that is in and around you. You’d be surprised how easy it is to find it if you just look for it …


  1. And sometimes we can actually BE the magic.

    1. I never thought of that. But you are right. We actually could be the magic. Lovely thought.

  2. Ooh, I like Mohamed's comment ...

    A beautiful week to you, my friend!

  3. That's very true, some things are so magical that you don't find words for them. It can even be a rainbow.

  4. I do believe in magic as I often come across things that I have not noticed before..Those are magic moments for me. Have a great week, Loree!

  5. How true!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I hope your week is magical too.

  6. I believe in magic. It happens all the time :-)

  7. Funny how we both posted about magical things this week!

    I'll keep my eyes open if you will :)

  8. Oh yes, I believe in magic. I relish the idea that magical things are happening all around me. Oh, and I love the story "The Giant Peach"!

  9. Roald Dahl come off as kind of creepy sometimes, but I love that quote. There is magic in everything and I'm trying to allow myself to find it.


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