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Monday, 5 March 2012

March, I Love You

Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (50)
March is boisterous. March is meek. March roars in like a lion and exits like a lamb. March is gentle sea-breezes and tempestuous winds. It is warm sunshine and showers of rain.
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (52)
March is silence. March is thunder-storms. March is flowers and butterflies and bees.  March is a tomboy. It is never monotonous, never predictable.
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (56)
March is exuberant. March is a secret. March gladdens the heart and lifts the spirit. March is colourful and joyful and magical. March is a threshold. It is an anticipation of things to come, a harbinger of good news. March is winter. March is beauty. March is SPRING.
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (101)
Photographed in various locations
March 2011


  1. Those wildflowers are lovely. March is the start of summer here in the Philippines. Temperature in the past few days reached 34.5°C.

  2. Gorgeous wildflowers with different colors, Loree! But I love your intimate relationship with March more...In a way, your words are very seductive about March!

  3. Wonderful post, Loree! I love March's wildflowers, butterflies and bees too. :)

  4. In Italy they say March is mad... just to add one more to your list.
    Very nice pictures! It looks like you're already in Spring. Where I live it is still very cold and the trees are still bare and so are the fields... it looks like Spring is still very far away here.

  5. beautiful shots. i'm looking forward to the cherry blossoms this month.

  6. everything you say here is true, and i am so grateful for your beautiful reminder. appreciating those tempestuous winds of march outside my window as i write this.....


  7. Wow. Stunning fields of wildflowers. March certainly is roaring where you are!

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  9. At the French riviera it started blooming too, that's why it is so hard to go back into the cold, apparently there are 4°C today !

  10. Preciosas fotos. por cierto siena me encantó. Un beso desde Murcia.

  11. This IS beautiful, both in image and word.

  12. Beautiful thoughts and pictures Loree, I really enjoyed this post since we have had such a cold winter.


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