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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Secrets Of A City

Our capital city is a bit of an enigma. Thriving by day, it is usually a ghost town by night. A city of contrasts, it often feels as if it is cleaved in two: the upper commercial area and a lower residential area. I have been to Valletta hundreds, nay, probably thousands, of times yet I have rarely ventured beyond the shops and offices. Or let’s say that I have rarely ventured with eyes wide open. But yesterday I decided that it was time to explore the so-called ‘lower city’. So come take a walk with me, let’s see what secrets this enigmatic city was willing to revel …
A glimpse through an open door.
Valletta 144
A football club dedicated to a saint.
Valletta 121
A small piece of Tottenham* in the heart of Valletta.
Valletta 128
A newly renovated bakery.
Valletta 119
An unusual assembly of balconies.
Valletta 141
A Toy Museum.
Valletta 130
A promise of forgiveness.
Valletta 113
A blind alley.
Valletta 149
A colourful fruit seller.
Valletta 140
A crumbling fortress surveying the blue, blue sea.
Valletta 153
And, on the rocky foundations on which the city is built, reminders of a long lost time.
Valletta 099
I have to admit that I am enthralled now and I know I will go back for more.
If you care to learn more about our capital city, please go here.
*Tottenham Hotspur is an English football club with a strong following on this island. The building in this photo is the headquarters of local supporters.


  1. Great photos Loree!!! The blind alley is my favorite :-)

  2. I agree with A -- these pics are really fantastic. Nearly every time I come here, I yearn to travel more! It's really hard to say, but I think the balconies are my favorite. Not sure, though -- this is a really ace assortment.

  3. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, count 'em up, that was three 'reallys.'

    (Because you really can't say it enough ...)

    1. Don't worry, dear Suze, we're not counting. Really :)

  4. What a colorful city you have here! The first one was fun to peek inside, and the last one is intriguing as well!

  5. Such beautiful photos... I love the architecture. It's phenominal.

    xoxo, B

  6. Valletta is unique and offers great and colourful snapshots to photograhpers.
    Congratulations for the pictures and the interesting post!

  7. wonderful photos and great narrative. i love it.

  8. Everything looks fascinating, I love toy museum and the red shirt against the blue wall in the blind alley.

  9. We visited once Valetta when we stopped there making a cruise. Of course only the "tourist" things were shown. But I feel the same when I go to Brussels especially the Grand'Place I always discover things I had never seen before !

  10. I really really enjoy going on this tour with you! One thing that popped out was the adorable signage in Europe. We always remark on how artistic the shop signs are in Europe vs. the U.S. They add so much character to buildings. Americans also have such hangups with hanging laundry outdoors. When we lived in Wales and Japan, I hung our laundry out every day. I think it is so colorful to have strings of laundry that blow in the wind. And what a cost savings in the electrical bill! Thank you for the tour!

  11. Love all these pictures. Can't decide which one I like best. I think the first picture is interesting that it's so ornate at the top, but the bottom is scuffed and dirty. Love the bugs bunny and yosemite sam art work, trying to get you to buy something.

  12. Love the corner balconies and the old fort. How wonderful to live in a place so rich with history...

  13. Beautiful photos! The first door reminded me of the ones I saw all over Ireland. :)

  14. Wow! I love your city! DH is most impressed as he is a Tottenham Hotspur fan! Gorgeous pics.


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