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Monday, 26 March 2012

Passing Them On

I want to start off by saying a big “Thank you” to any new readers of this blog and also to all my old friends who drop by regularly. I have recently been given two awards and today I am simply passing them on.

I received this award from Sue who blogs at Crafty Susie. Thank you Sue. This award goes to selected bloggers who merit recognition and to honour those who regularly visit and leave a comment on your blog.
All you have to do is...
Proudly copy the Lobster Award logo above on your Blog and in turn feel inspired and encouraged to nominate others who visit and leave regular messages in your Comments Box.
The rules for  the nominations are simple:
1. Nominate someone who regularly visits your Blog and leaves a message in the Comments Box.
2. Tell them about their nomination.
I have chosen to pass this award on to Suze who writes at Analog Breakfast. Suze is a busy writer and I am honoured that she takes the time to read and comment on my posts.

Next I was given the Versatile Blogger Award by Suze (from Analog Breakfast. The rules are as follows:
1. Pass this award on to 15 bloggers.
2. Mention the award.
3. Link back to the source – I did that above.
4. Share seven bits of random autobiographical facts.
5. Pass on the rules.
6. Inform the 15 bloggers that they've been tagged.
OK. So here are seven random facts about me:
1. I love to read the newspaper lying down on a carpet.
2. My favourite book, from all the books I have ever read, is Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne du Maurier.
3. My absolute favourite song of all time is this one.
4. I think that if I could go back and take an alternative career, I would chose to become a travel writer as it would combine my love for travelling and writing.
5. I collect postcards.
6. Once upon a time (before I was married Smile with tongue out) I used to read a book a week. Sadly, these days I barely have time for a book a month. It is something I really miss doing.
7. Despite the fact that my husband has explained the rules of the game to me several times, I still have not grasped the concept behind a baseball game.
So here are my nominees. I know that these awards require a certain degree of input and some of you may not be accepting awards, yet I would still like to acknowledge the following blogs and hope that you all find time to visit:
Icy BC at Wandering Thought.
Jeanne at Collage of Life.
Gattina at Writer Cramps.
Leslie at Let A Joy Keep You.
Aubrey at Naturally Momma.
Sue at Crafty Susie.
Maureen at Daydream Living.
I know, that’s only 11 blogs but I am breaking the rules a bit. Shhh …
I wanted to let you all know that I may not be posting and commenting so much this week as I have a few things I need to catch up on and finalise. I will be around when I can. Enjoy the rest of the week. I will leave you with a pretty flower and I hope spring is  bringing plenty of colour and warm breezes to your part of the world.
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (44)


  1. Congratulations for the awards and thanks for passing the Versatile Blogger Award to me too. I am honoured to receive it.
    I will post it as soon as possible.
    I hope to see you back on the blog as soon as you will have finalised all the things you have to see to.
    Love the beautiful picture!

  2. Ah, Loree -- I love the Moody Blues! And I think you already do make a magnificent travel writer, dear friend.

    Thank you for the Lobster Award! I didn't plan to blog again until next week starting with the A - Z but I certainly appreciate the honor.

    1. Thank you Suze. Coming from you, that's a great compliment.

  3. First of all, congrats on your awards! You truly deserved them, and more..

    Secondly, thank you for the mention, Loree! I love your blog, and read your post..

    Finally, the flower is absolutely gorgeous, and the color...superb! Have a good break..

  4. Congrats to all of the winners! Hope you're having a lovely week, xoxo, B

  5. That's nice to know a little bit more of you ! I also love this song ! It reminds me my youth and all the slows I danced ! I wonder what became that group.
    Thank you also for the award. I don't want to be unpolite, but I don't accept awards anymore I have so many since 2006 when I started blogging and everybody must know "things about me" by heart, lol ! and I could never find 15 others because they are in the same case as me !
    BTW, the weeds have to be taken out and then you put on salt not around the sunflowers of course, then the weeds won't grow back. I started with this 3 years ago when a friend gave me this tip and ever since I have no weeds in the gravel anymore neither in the bark. It's efficient and cheap !

    1. Don't worry Gattina. I know that some people don't accept awards but I enjoy your blog and wanted to give you a mention.

  6. Oh, how fun. Congratulations to you on the blog award! I hear you about reading a book a week. My kids read so much and I find that getting through a list of personal books is going to have to wait a few more years. I do get caught up with several series, though. Right now I am thoroughly enjoying "Larkrise to Candleford" (BBC Masterpiece Classic) and another one called "Doc Marting" (another English Cornwall series) I seem to be so attracted to programs that involve small town life. Good luck with all of your 'to do's this week!

  7. Thank you so much for this award. I am truly honored and happy.

  8. are a sweetie, thank you for thinking of me! I gladly visit your blog... I love it when I find a kindred spirit..especially after reading your list. Many similarities! Your postcard is on it's way...Very best wishes Loree...
    Jeanne xx

  9. Another fun post, Loree! That image of the pink flower is incredible, have a great weekend. :)


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