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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Misty Afternoon In Mousehole

Cornwall 318
Mousehole – the name made me smile and wonder, with some trepidation, whether the town would be overrun by little, furry, grey and brown creatures with beady eyes. It wasn’t, of course, but the moment I stepped out of the car and saw the streets lined with cottages and decorated with a profusion of flowers of all colours, the word ‘hobbit’ came to mind.
Cornwall 342
We arrived in Mousehole in the rain, that very English type of rain that seems to fall as gently and as soundlessly as a butterfly’s tears. Tendrils of mists floated around us, as soft as gossamer and just as delicate. Enchanting, I thought, as I tried, without success, to catch the wispy whiteness between by finger-tips.
Cornwall 328
Somewhere a spell was being laid. I could feel it working on me. I knew that I could easily sit on these trellised steps, thick with moss and grass, and dream up stories of fairies and goblins and elves and dwarves …
Cornwall 319
But I thought it wiser to do a spot of sight-seeing and immerse myself in the real Mousehole, not the one that I was creating in some corner of my mind. And I was not disappointed.
Cornwall 393
On my travels I have learnt to expect the unexpected; to delight in the ordinary and to seek out the extraordinary.
Cornwall 323
Cornwall 326
To embrace glimpses of the past and sweet reminders of the present.
Cornwall 350
Cornwall 351
Cornwall 373
To explore, to dream, but, above all, to give in to the fleeting joy of the moment.
Cornwall 324
Cornwall 388
I never thought that I would fall in love with a place with such an unromantic name as  Mousehole. But I did. As surely as the rain falls from English skies,  I did.
Cornwall 345
If you would like to read a bit more about this fascinating place, go here.
Cornwall 378


  1. 'English type of rain.' I like that. :)

  2. Amazing photos! This looks like such a quaint little place- I can see how you fell in love so quickly.

  3. What a lovely place! It looks like my dream vacation...

  4. It all looks so magical!
    No wonder you fell in love with this place.

  5. Loree I too fell in love with this enchanting place. Your words and pictures captured a lovely place. Once again thank you for taking me with you on your magical journey.

  6. Your photos shows such a beautiful place, with a bit whimsical, and history of it..The name is quite interesting as well, Loree! I love those colorful doors!

  7. se que c est beau,dommage qu il manque le soleil ;o)

  8. What a lovely little town, it sounds like a delightful place to visit and dream about. :)

  9. A beautiful little town.. it seems like the perfect place to spend a holiday.
    xoxo, B

  10. not only do you have to love a place called mousehole, you have to love a place where moss grows over steps...

  11. Magical, enchanting and inspirational place! Thanks for taking us with you!
    Wonderful pictures as usual, thanks Loree : )

  12. Who would have thought that some place with such an unattractive name would be so lovely!


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