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Monday, 16 January 2012


USA - December 2011 026
We had no snow during our recent vacation in Missouri but we did have some frosty mornings. It was never a heavy frost, the days and nights were not cold enough, but on patches of grass growing in the shadow of leafless trees, nature worked its simple magic long enough for me to capture its handiwork with my camera. And now I have an everlasting memory of a unique, natural beauty.
USA - December 2011 025
It was just a hint of a frost, but as the tiny crystals reflected the rays of a silvery sun, it provided enough enchantment to hold me in thrall, to stop my feet in their crunchy tracks and gaze in rapture at its fleeting, delicate beauty.
USA - December 2011 028


  1. post!! this natural magic found in truly dazzling and spellbinding to me! gorgeous crystal beautiful!Thankyou for these blissful images!

  2. Hi first thought was frost in Malta? glad I read the copy! Isn't frost mesmerising? A miniature winter wonderland...your images are lovely. :)

    Jeanne xx

  3. i find frost fascinating, giving to landscape an other beauty :) thanks Loree

  4. They are gorgeous, Loree! Now, they will remind you of me when I post some frost :-)

  5. gorgeous photos, loree - especially the last one of the bud, arrested mid-bloom. beauty can be found in so many, sometimes unexpected, places.

  6. I had the same reaction "Frost in Malta" ? But with this crazy weather nothing surprises me anymore ! Your pictures are beautiful !
    Since yesterday we have minus temperatures so for the first time I saw frost here too. This morning - 3° ! The coldest morning since winter started ! And finally the sun is shining !

  7. Beautifully captured and recounted!

  8. Brrr ... but lovely! Love how ice crystals make everything look magical and ethereal!

  9. Morning Loree,
    because of blogging I notice things like frost more too,
    lovely pictures, thanks for your sweet comment btw, I wanted
    to reply back to your email but it says noreply blogger,
    (do you know that yours is off?) Enjoy the day,
    Maureen x

  10. nice capture. it's the same here in md, we have an unseasonably warm winter.

  11. Love those pictures! We had frost here the past two days! Brrr. Coldest winter I have known since moving here in 2005!


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