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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wednesday Wanderings: A Stroll Around Hannibal

This was not the first time that we visited Hannibal (MO). However, all our other visits took place during the summer. I have to say that I missed the stalls selling fresh lemonade – but mid-December temperatures and ice cold lemonade do not go really well together. This time I had the opportunity to stroll around Hannibal by myself. It is a quaint little place - a small, sleepy town on the banks of the mighty Mississippi. It still has an old-time feel and charm to it. The main street is lined with art galleries, antique shops and small boutiques.
USA - December 2011 041-1
Every year Hannibal receives thousands of visitors from all over the world. Its main claim to fame, of course, is that it was the boyhood home of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain). I am sure that the boy who is now known to the world as Mark Twain would have no difficulty recognizing the town of his childhood because it is delightfully well-preserved.
USA - December 2011 038-1
Hannibal is a place where I love wandering around and staring at all those things which, to me, look so wonderfully different to everything I am used to. From its reddish-brown brick buildings,
USA - December 2011 042-1
to its unique signs
USA - December 2011 039-1
USA - December 2011 043-1
USA - December 2011 044-1and grandiose banks that are no longer in use,
USA - December 2011 047-1USA - December 2011 045-1
this is one of those places where I hope that time will continue to stand still.
During our recent visit last December, my husband was given the opportunity to exhibit his painting at the  Hannibal Alliance Art Gallery. Most of his paintings were inspired by Malta and by places we visit on our travels like Venice and the Tuscan countryside. You may read more about his art show on his blog  Creative Canvas. Below are some of the paintings. In case anyone is interested, a number of these are still for sale.
USA - December 2011 057USA - December 2011 058


  1. The Hannibal natives will love you for this glowing description of their town. It is always good to see "our own backyard that we take for granted" through other's eyes. I have been to Hannibal many a the future I try to look at it with better observation.

  2. I like your husband's paintings....and the photos you take on all your trips.

  3. How wonderful that your husband's art was exhibited at a Hannibal art gallery! You must be so proud.

  4. It's nice to learn your husband is an artist, Loree. His paintings are wonderful. I wish him great success!

  5. Wow, looks like an amazing place!

  6. I've never been :-( Looks lovely!

  7. I love places with old world charm and this place certainly seems like one of them! Great pictures Loree, thanks for sharing and well done to your better half for the exhibition, beautiful paintings!

  8. lovely photos...looks like a place I'd love to stroll around. :)

  9. What a beautiful place, and I am glad you take such gorgeous photos to show us! I've never been there, so this is a treat to see.

  10. wow - your husband is a talented painter - and you are a talented photographer......i've only passed by hannibal but would go just to see that building you captured in that shot - the pink, blue and white is just amazing...

  11. I have not been to Hannibal since I was a little girl and barely remember anything... perhaps one day we can take a day trip.
    Your husband's paintings are absolutely wonderful!

    Wishing you a lovely week, mon ami!
    xoxo, B

  12. Your husband's paintings are wonderful! Malta must be the perfect place for an artist to live.

  13. What a nice old town, at least the old buildings are preserved. I didn't know that your husband paints ! Nice paintings !


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