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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Some Things Just Require Cake

                                               Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

I could do with a nice, thick slice of cake right now. Life is good. But time is short. Last Sunday I was wishing that every day was made up of 32 hours instead of 24. In that way I would have an extra 8 hours every day just to do the the things I really love – whether it’s playing with my son, blogging, making cupcakes or just sitting on a couch and listening to the wind. An extra couple of hours would also help me get to grips with de-cluttering the house. I am such a sentimental person. I hold on to things because they may remind me of a special person or a special moment.  But since we don’t live in a mansion, I need to pull myself together  and start donating or selling some stuff. And then there’s the Mischief  Maker’s ever-increasing collection of trucks, books, games and sundry plastic reptiles that he adores.
So I guess it’s time to take a deep breath, stop looking at magazines (incidentally, are real houses ever anything like the ones in the magazines?), find some cardboard boxes and start de-cluttering. A nice piece of cake won’t hurt either.


  1. last week i threw away boxes and boxes of junk myself. it's amazing how stuff accumulates through the years.

  2. De-cluttering you say Loree? That's what I have been doing for years and there never seems to be an end to it! No sooner does one item find its way to the re-cycling site or garbage or goodwill, than two or three more items find their way to our house! It's amazing but I'm getting better at this and one day I hope to get to the bottom of things! And like you I'm a sentimental person which I guess makes one a hoarder but I am learning to choose what to keep and what not!
    Is there any cake left by the way : )

  3. But Loree, if we have 32 hours, we will have more work, and other will have more time to make messes for us to clean. I think 24 hours are enough for now. Let's just sit on the porch and listen to wind, shall we? It sounds very good right now!

  4. It looks like you're not the only sentimental hoarder!
    This reminds me that I must definitely find some time to do some decluttering myself!
    Yeh... those lovely rooms in the magazines are only meant for magazines and not for families like mine, 4 members and a cat...LOL!
    I hope you can enjoy some cake now!

  5. Loree, we all feel that way right after the holidays.....where are the new things going to fit? My hubby has a tendency to hoard things too, even movie stubs, so after a while,I go around the house and start pitching. To be fair, I have several drawers I need to go through myself. However, if I was given the choice of cake ( and maybe a cup of coffee or tea) and de-cluttering......the former will win.........:)

  6. i keep a table in my basement where i pile up anything i plan to donate - clothes, toys, etc. then when i get a call from goodwill i have a donation ready to go. it's a system i learned from a friend and really helps me keep the house decluttered and it feels good to donate to a cause as well.

    but sometimes, cake is a really good alternative ;-)

  7. You're just going to have to move. Every time we move, we totally go through this huge "de-clutter" movement. I have no idea what the closets would currently look like if we had not had to weed out when moving. No cornbread in your house for your hubby? And he is from Missouri!! Poor man, he needs his cornbread. It's a Midwestern staple. The recipe I have is super quick and super easy.

  8. Mmmm.. cake. Anytime is a good time for cake!
    I, too, am sentimental and very rarely throw anything away in regards to my kids. Otherwise, I want to toss everything.
    xoxo, B

  9. what a darling poster and an even funnier saying :)

    (and i don't even want to think about organizing my house...)


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